Jurisdictional Comparison data

This data provides trend information about work health and safety (WHS) and workers’ compensation scheme performance across Australia and New Zealand. 

This data provides trend analysis and aggregated information about workers’ compensation scheme performance in each Australian jurisdiction and New Zealand. This data is collated across several categories: 

  • Work health and safety performance – provides an overview of WHS performance across Australia and New Zealand through analysing trends in serious claim rates and work-related fatalities across jurisdictions.
  • Work health and safety compliance and enforcement activities – includes a jurisdictional comparison of workplace interventions, inspectorate activity, safety notices, enforceable undertakings, legal proceedings and fines.
  • Workers’ compensation premiums – includes a national and jurisdictional overview of the standardised average premium rates by industry in the past 5 years.
  • Workers’ compensation funding ratios – compares the differences in scheme funding arrangements.
  • Workers’ compensation disputes – includes information about disputes against an insurer’s decision or decisions relating to compensation.

Readers may find the Comparison of workers’ compensation arrangements in Australia and New Zealand useful in comparing the differences in key aspects of each Workers’ Compensation scheme. 

This data is also available in the Comparative performance monitoring report 25th edition

This data has been compiled and coordinated by Safe Work Australia with assistance from representatives of all WHS and workers’ compensation authorities in Australia and New Zealand. 

Other metadata

Field Input
Temporal coverage from 2004-05 financial yearꭞ
Data last updated

Dec 2023 (for 2021-22 financial year)

Update frequency Annual
Data limitations

Comparisons of outcomes across the jurisdictions workers’ compensation schemes should be made with caution due to the differences in design, coverage, definitions and processes.

National data may differ from jurisdictional data due to adjustment factors being applied to aid national data comparability. This has been done due to use of different definitions and workers’ compensation scheme rules across jurisdictions. 

This dataset does not include data from organisations with responsibility for managing industry-specific compensation claims. 

Some data (where noted) is preliminary. Comparisons of preliminary and non-preliminary data should be made with caution. 

ꭞ While Safe Work Australia holds data for these topics since the 2004-05 financial year, the data collection and reporting has been reviewed over this time which may result in breaks in time series. 

Publicly available data?

Public data can be freely used under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

Yes – see Resources
Author Safe Work Australia