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Welcome to Safe Work Australia’s interactive data website, providing the latest, national work health and safety data, in an intuitive, user-friendly way.

To get started, select “Interactive data” and discover key issues and trends about worker fatalities, injuries and illnesses in Australia.  

Select one of the tiles (Select Key WHS Stats) to navigate to an interactive dashboard.

The PAGES button at the top left helps you explore the different data topics available within each dashboard.

Hovering over the charts on the dashboard displays a ‘tooltip’ with additional information about the data shown. 

Notice how the charts on each page interact with each other. By making a selection on one chart you will subset the data displayed in another. This helps you to explore the data further and can be done on every page of the interactive dashboards.

You can also hold the control key on the keyboard to make multiple selections.

To remove these selections, simply click the background of the dashboard – you can tell the selection has turned off because all *bars* in the chart are coloured again. If you are unsure whether you have a filter turned on and would like to start again, refreshing the page in your browser will also remove any selections that have been applied. 

These selections only apply to the current page. If you navigate to a different page on the dashboard, your selections are not carried over. 

The APPLY FILTERS button, also at the top left, makes it possible to display more detailed data, such as selecting an age group, sex, or even changing the time-period for the data. The years selected show at the top right of the page. 

The types of filters you can apply change across different pages and dashboards.

Click the APPLY FILTERS button and use the tiny rubber icon to de-select any you no longer want,or clear all filters with the RESET ALL FILTERS button. (Note this action currently off screen).

You can check what filters apply to a chart by hovering over it and selecting the ‘funnel’ icon at the top right of each chart. Next to the funnel icon, the ‘Focus mode’ icon provides a full-page view of each chart. Close this view using the ‘Back to report’ button at the top left. 

Another feature of the interactive dashboards that helps you to discover the detailed data available is the ‘drill down’. The ‘drill down’ symbol displays in the top right of the chart wherever this option is available. 

You can ‘drill down’ into a more detailed level of the data, then the ‘up arrow’ icon takes you back to the original selection.

For more information on our datasets and how they have been compiled, the ABOUT OUR DATA link at the top of the page has data dictionaries and detailed explanatory notes for each dataset, as well as any dataset downloads. 

We hope you enjoy the interactive data experience and welcome feedback and data queries at

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