On this page you will find helpful tips on how to use the dashboards, dashboard tool tips and a link to our glossary of terms.

Using our interactive data video

Tool tips

See more detailed information about how to use the dashboards in our dashboard user guide.

Shortcut Action
Hover cursor over parts of the visual for more detail 
Click on bars or lines in visuals to show corresponding data in the other graphs on the page
PAGES shows a drop-down list of related dashboards 
APPLY FILTERS shows a drop-down list of specific data options, e.g., age, time period 
Ctrl click lets you select multiple categories in the FILTERS options, e.g. several age groups and/or a number of states
Click 'Reset all filters'  to de-select filters
Click the eraser icon in the Apply Filters pane to remove each filter individually
The funnel icon (hover over top right of each visual) show what filters apply to the graph or chart 
Focus mode icon next to filter icon for a full page view of selected visual 
If these are options appear in the top right of a visual when hovering over it, it means you can drill data.