Workers' compensation

The workers’ compensation dashboard provides detailed statistics about accepted claims lodged in Australia.

The Australian workers’ compensation statistics in this interactive dashboard provide detailed data about workers’ compensation claims. This information can be used to explore the types of work-related injuries and illnesses that occur and can provide an indication of Australia’s work health and safety performance.

Please note: there is a break in series for injury rates. Click here for further information about the break in series for injury rates.

To get started, use the ‘Pages’ or ‘Apply filters’ buttons to explore the data available. If you need help, please watch our video.

The workers’ compensation dataset is divided into 8 sections: 

  1. Overview – a time series of the number of workers’ compensation claims, median time lost, and median compensation paid. 
  2. Industry – data by industry in which the injury or disease occurred
  3. Occupation – data by occupation of the worker who suffered the injury or disease 
  4. Nature – data by the type of injury or disease
  5. Mechanism – data by the overall action, exposure or event that resulted in the injury or disease 
  6. Bodily location – data by bodily location of the injury or disease 
  7. Breakdown agency – data by the object, substance or circumstance which was the direct cause of the injury or disease
  8. Chart customisation tool – create your own chart by selecting variables, filters and a measure.

For each of these breakdowns, data can be viewed by number of claims, median compensation paid and median time lost. Click on the ‘Apply Filters’ button to toggle between these measures.

Also note that by default, data are based on ‘serious’ claims – those that resulted in a week or more off work.

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